Sunday, April 8, 2012

Having a baby at Kaiser... What a nightmare! Right ?

I know for a solid fact that I am as not alone on this one. I have read numerous review on places like Yelp and talk on the street that some women would rather have had their baby in a back alley than in that place! Unfortunately my one and only birthing experience wasn't that much more pleasant. After 27 hours of labor.... Wow, they finally decided to do a C-section. The nurses were rude, rushing me, I was scared to death, but apparently they were numb to the fears of patients.  Whatever, my baby came out healthy so we are thankful to that..... But what I am confused about is why it took them four hours to bring me my baby? There were no complications, so where the heck has my baby been for four hours?  I was like where the hell is my baby, and nobody seemed to listen.... I got him, and then the next issue, oh yes, the sharing of the wonderful small ass rooms that Kaiser dilusionally thinks are acceptable for two new mothers with infants. So they cram you into an outdated hotel room, excuse me, "recovery room",  where fixtures hardly work, (the shower did not work in my room, so hence I was unable to shower for the three days I was there)  and a roommate with five of her other kids playing on the floor. Talk about a crowded room.... Nothing like bonding with your child and there are twenty loud ass strangers in there visiting the other lady. I guess Kaiser has a rule against the number of visitors and noise levels, but that was clearly not being enforced. I had 72 hours of this to go since I had a C- section. I was up, walking around with my IV on a portable roller, begging and asking the nurses to go home that night. The best thing about all this was that my baby and I came out just fine, but the memories in the hospital of unacceptable recovery environments for the mothers is disgusting. I have stayed in a Motel 6, shoot I have seen crack hotels on those cop shows that were cleaner and more peaceful than these accomodations.  Thanks Kaiser for ruining my birthing experience... I am a private insurance holder that is not supported by California State benefits.  This place makes me sick.

The Kaiser Experience blog is back!

Hello fellow victims of the hospital Kaiser. I shut this blog down a year ago and noticed an outpouring of requests to put it back up. So it's back and going to be more powerful than ever. Anytime you care to share, feel free. Sometimes talking or writing about unjust things, makes  you feel better... go ahead... be my guest.